Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Creating an Oracle Net Listener in Oracle 10g

Creating an Oracle Net Listener in Oracle 10g

Learning objective

After completing this topic, you should be able to create and configure an Oracle Net Listener.

Exercise overview

In this exercise, you're required to create and configure an Oracle Net Listener in Oracle Database 10 g.

This involves the following tasks:

  • creating a backup listener
  • configuring static database registration

Because your system hosts many users, all of whom use different methods to connect to your database, you need to have a backup listener in place.

Task 1: Creating a backup listener

Database administrators should create a backup listener in case the default fails.

Starting from the Related Links section of the page for your default listener, create a listener called BACKUP that connects to the localhost.localdomain host and uses port 1561.

Steps list
1. Select the Net Services Administration link
2. Ensure that Listeners is selected in the Administer drop-down list and click Go
3. Click Login
4. Click Create
5. Type BACKUP in the Listener Name field
6. In the Addresses section, click Add
7. In the Port field, type 1561
8. In the Host field, type localhost.localdomain
9. Click OK
10. Click OK

Task 2: Configuring static registration

You now want to modify the BACKUP listener to assign a service name that the listener will serve.

Starting from the General tabbed page of the Edit Listener page for the BACKUP listener, configure static registration for the orcl.oracle.com. service. This service is situated in the /oracle/product/10.1.0/db_1 directory and its SID is orcl.

Steps list
1. Select the Static Database Registration tab
2. Click the Add button
3. In the Service Name field, type orcl.oracle.com
4. In the Oracle Home Directory field, type /oracle/product/10.1.0/db_1

5. In the Oracle System Identifier (SID) field, type orcl
6. Click OK
7. Click OK

A backup listener has now been created and you have configured static registration to register the database with the listener.

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