Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Setting up Shared Server in Oracle 10g

Setting up Shared Server in Oracle 10g

Learning objective

After completing this topic, you should be able to configure and verify Shared Server.

Exercise overview

In this exercise, you're required to configure and verify Oracle Shared Server setup for an Oracle 10g database.

This involves the following tasks:

  • configuring Shared Server
  • verifying Shared Server setup

You are configuring Oracle Shared Server because the number of users initiating sessions has increased. To cope with this new demand, you need to adjust the initialization parameters to provide more dispatchers.

Task 1: Configuring Shared Server

You need to adjust the DISPATCHERS parameter so that there are enough dispatchers to cater for the increased number of user requests.

You start by opening the Administration tabbed page in Enterprise Manager.

Adjust the DISPATCHERS parameter so that two dispatchers will start when Oracle Shared Server is used.

Steps list
1. Click All Initialization Parameters in the Security section
2. Type dispatchers in the Filter field and click Go
3. Type (DIS=2)in the Value field for the dispatchers parameter and click Apply

Task 2: Verifying Shared Server setup

You have configured your shared server setup and you now want to verify that the connections are using shared servers. You decide to query a view that lists the user connections to the database that are made through dispatchers and servers.

Type the command that uses the dispatcher and circuit columns to query the view that lists user connections to the database that pass through dispatchers and servers.

Steps list
1. Type select dispatcher, circuit from v$circuit in the Workspace field and press Execute

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